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Node-RED Router App Release

Written by Marek Černocký on Thursday 13 May 2021 in the category Development.

Node-RED logoWe have released the new Node-RED Router App this week. The release has some new nodes (Big Timer, Credentials, Float and Loop), includes flow definitions to the router reports so you do not need to send it separately, and fixes a few small bugs. What you may find useful are two options which make it easier to provide your own flows.

There is a new option called “Flow files path” defining where Node-RED should store your flows. New default path is “/var/data/node-red” which solves ...


Development resources ready

Written by Jan Otte on Friday 25 August 2017 in the category Development.

The Devzone page has been created.

Intended audience are primarily developers and the page describes a quick overview of the OS running on Routers and summarizes a few topics:

  • How to get to SDK and Toolchains.
  • Where and to get to the Opensource parts of the OS (GPL and other licensing).
  • Pointers on how the Opensource parts of our OS can be reproduced.

Visit the Devzone here.