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FW 6.1.4 released

Written by Jan Otte on Monday 9 October 2017 in the category Release with the tags .

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  • Conel OS 6.1.4 was released!

    This release is the first one released in Engineering Portal. The Firmware including release notes and firmware distribution overview can be found directly in the product you are interested about under the tab "Firmware" at the bottom of the product page.

    Note that you need to be logged in to be able to see firmware files.

    This release is a small bugfix release, containing fixes primarily for IPsec and also a few security fixes together with a few improvements. See release notes for details.


    User Modules on EP

    Written by Jan Otte on Tuesday 12 September 2017 in the category Default.

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  • User Modules are now available on Engineering Portal.

    As you probably know, User Modules are kind of a unique way how the functionality of router devices running Conel OS can be extended.

    Well, it is not that unique that you can extend functionality of your device. But it is not common that you have a range of UM ready. It is also not that common that you have a multi-language SDK with examples available so that you can create your own User Modules. Last but not the least, our services always included ...


    Supported products on EP

    Written by Jan Otte on Tuesday 29 August 2017 in the category Documentation.

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  • As of today, all the supported Router products should be listed on Engineering Portal.

    Also, all of the relevant documents like EU Declaration of Conformity, User Manuals, Configuration Manuals and Quickstart Guides should be available as well.

    The structure we chose to present the products is coming from the generation of the device. Right now, we are supporting three generation of devices:

    • A few ones out of the old v1 generation.
    • Many of the proven v2 generation ranging over different cellular technologies (2G to LTE), including 2-cellular ...


    Development resources ready

    Written by Jan Otte on Friday 25 August 2017 in the category Development with the tags .

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  • The Devzone page has been created.

    Intended audience are primarily developers and the page describes a quick overview of the OS running on Routers and summarizes a few topics:

    • How to get to SDK and Toolchains.
    • Where and to get to the Opensource parts of the OS (GPL and other licensing).
    • Pointers on how the Opensource parts of our OS can be reproduced.

    Visit the Devzone here.