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Life Cycle: production

Regions: EMEA

Entry-Level 4G Router

Technical description

Industrial cellular router ICR-2431 is designed for wireless communication in the mobile networks that make use of traditional cellular technologies. The primary purpose of this router is its use in the Category 4 (Cat.4) services on the cellular LTE network. Cat.4 rated ICR-2431 router is capable of achieving better typical speeds in 4G coverage areas where the network is enabled with 20 MHz of contiguous spectrum.

The peak downlink data rate for a Category 4 is approximately 150 Mbps. Also in the uplink, LTE Category 4 provides a peak data rate of 50 Mbps. The router is equipped with two independently configurable Ethernet ports (LAN or WAN), 1× serial port RS232, 1× RS485, and with digital I/O connectivity (1× DI, 1× DO).

The router supports VPN tunnel creation using various protocols to ensure safe communications. The router provides diagnostic functions which include automatic monitoring of the wireless and wired connections, automatic restart in case of connection losses, and a hardware watchdog that monitors the router status. 

With open Linux platform and wide possibilities of programming customer SW applications in Python, C/C++. The Advantech existing app library Router Apps (User modules) with apps already developed to enhance specific router functionality including industrial protocol conversions and support of IoT platforms such as MS Azure, Cumulocity, ThingWorx,
and others are supported on the router.

Documents to download

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v 6.3.1 (21.07.2021) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20210721.pdf | 236 KB | FW Overview | 15 MB

release-notes-6.3.1.pdf | 779 KB | FW Release Notes

v 6.3.0 (07.05.2021) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20210507.pdf | 238 KB | FW Overview | 15 MB

release-notes-6.3.0.pdf | 776 KB | FW Release Notes

v 6.2.9 (07.04.2021) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20210407.pdf | 234 KB | FW Overview | 15 MB

release-notes-6.2.9.pdf | 753 KB | FW Release Notes

v 6.2.8 (19.02.2021) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20210219.pdf | 595 KB | FW Overview | 15 MB

release-notes-6.2.8.pdf | 787 KB | FW Release Notes

v 6.2.7 (17.12.2020) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20201217.pdf | 228 KB | FW Overview | 14 MB

release-notes-6.2.7.pdf | 640 KB | FW Release Notes