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Life Cycle: production

Regions: Global

4G LTE Router & Gateway


Technical description

SmartFlex SR310 cellular router provides secure Internet connectivity for devices and LANs via cellular networks. It provides automatic wireless failover for wired networks, wireless connectivity for devices in remote locations such as industrial PCs, HMIs, traffic controllers kiosks, meters, cameras, and much more.

SmartFlex serves well also for applications that require video transmitting because of download speed up to 150 Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps.

Modular SmartFlex design can be ordered in many hardware options. Standard hardware configuration always includes 2 Ethernet 10/100 ports with 2 independent LANs/IP addresses – optionally with POE+ PSE or POE PD feature - 1 USB host port, 1 microSD card holder, 2 SIM card holders for automatic failover to an alternate service provider, 2 binary inputs (I/O), 1 binary output (I/O), and onboard GPS/Glonass receiver.

As an extension to hardware interface options above can be modified by an additional 3×10/100 ETH board (so totally up to 5 Ethernet ports configured for 3 independent LANs/IP addresses) or combined
Ethernet/RS-232/485 board or RS-232/485 board (isolation strength up to 2.5kV). An optional built-in Wi-Fi module also available with industrial-grade operating temperature ranges from -40 to +75 °C.

SmartFlex transfer intelligence at the network edge with a powerful Cortex A8 CPU running on 1GHz frequency, 256 MB flash memory, 512 MB RAM, and 128kB M-RAM.

A secure Web interface allows users to configure and manage SmartFlex from remote locations. The SmartFlex supports real-time data encryption and the creation of VPN tunnels using IPsec, OpenVPN, GRE, etc. It supports standard and advanced networking features like DHCP, NAT, NAT-T, DynDNS, NTP, VRRP, control by SMS, and numerous other functions. With an open Linux platform and the wide possibility of programming customer SW applications in Python, C/C++ or browser-based flow editor Node-RED the SmartFlex offers a real open development platform for Industrial IoT applications. The Advantech existing Router App library (User modules) with apps already developed to enhance specific router functionalities includes industrial protocol conversions and support of IoT platforms such as MS Azure, Cumulocity, and others.

SmartFlex is easy to install individually and in mass deployments scenarios too by using a full-featured configuration and monitoring software tool WebAccess/DMP. Safe remote VPN access to customer devices and PCs connected to routers through Internet can be administrated by additional software WebAccess/VPN.


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SR30X0X01X_SmartFlex_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X01X_SmartFlex_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X01X_SmartFlex_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X01X_SmartFlex_003.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X01X_SmartFlex_004.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X01X_SmartFlex_005.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X02X_SmartFlex_SL_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X02X_SmartFlex_SL_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X02X_SmartFlex_SL_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X02X_SmartFlex_SL_003.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X02X_SmartFlex_SL_004.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X11X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X11X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X11X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X12X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_SL_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X12X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_SL_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X12X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_SL_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X31X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X31X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X31X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X32X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_SL_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X32X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_SL_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X32X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_SL_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X41X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X41X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X41X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X42X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_SL_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X42X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_SL_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X0X42X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_SL_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X01X_SmartFlex_WiFi_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X01X_SmartFlex_WiFi_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X01X_SmartFlex_WiFi_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X02X_SmartFlex_WiFi_SL_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X02X_SmartFlex_WiFi_SL_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X02X_SmartFlex_WiFi_SL_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X11X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_WiFi_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X11X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_WiFi_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X11X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_WiFi_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X12X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_WiFi_SL_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X12X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_WiFi_SL_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X12X_SmartFlex_LTE_SWITCH_WiFi_SL_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X31X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_WiFi_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X31X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_WiFi_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X31X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_WiFi_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X32X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_WiFi_SL_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X32X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_WiFi_SL_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X32X_SmartFlex_RS232_RS485_WiFi_SL_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X41X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_WiFi_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X41X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_WiFi_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X41X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_WiFi_002.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X42X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_WiFi_SL_000.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X42X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_WiFi_SL_001.png | 2 MB

SR30X1X42X_SmartFlex_ETH_RS485_RS232_WiFi_SL_002.png | 2 MB